Medical Device Training Tools

SiMMo3D has created a new medical training platform, SimuboardTM, that will revolutionize the way physicians understand the medical device procedure. Using the SimuboardTM Training Solution, the surgeon can practice the implantation techniques in an effective, flexible way when training. Also, with the capability to create a variety of surgical scenarios, SimuboardTM yields versatility in the surgeon’s skills.

Biomedical companies can use the SimuboardTM to more easily reach a larger audience of medical professionals and improve the adoption rate of medical devices. Learn more about our SimuboardTM and case specific disease models below.


QUICK REPLACEMENT COMPONENTS The Simuboard’s™ components can be changed with relative ease, as a modular design allows for the removal and replacement of disposable sections quickly.
IMAGING COMPATIBLE Our models have been designed to mimic the imaging profile of cardiac tissue. Models are compatible with conventional catheter-based imaging means such as Intracardiac Echocardiography.
ANATOMICAL ACCURACY SiMMo3D provides exact anatomical accuracy using FDA-cleared software to model a range of anatomy and diseases.
INTEGRATED FLOW LOOP The Simuboard™ supports a water-tight pumping system that pulsates to a heartbeat as it circulates fluid through the model during a surgical training session. A built-in reservoir is included for the easy filling and draining of fluids from the model.

Transseptal Puncture Skills (TPS) Trainer

Easily introduces both new and experienced surgeons to the proper procedures in locating the interatrial wall. Our patent-pending simulator includes transfemoral venous access points for both intracardiac imaging catheters and medical device delivery catheters, as well as a cost efficient, replaceable system for practicing a transseptal puncture. Users have the option to choose a number of transseptal wall thicknesses to simulate the variety of scenarios that a surgeon will encounter in the operating room.  

Effective Training in Large Teaching Environments

Replaceable transseptal walls to make it quick and easy to train multiple surgeons

Size Variance

Transseptal walls ranging in fossa size for better understanding

Left Atrial Appendage Occlusion Skills (LAAOS) Trainer

The LAAOS Trainer streamlines the ease of exposing surgeons to the wide variety of scenarios in appendage occlusion surgery. Recognizing LAA morphologic variations is helpful in performing interventions, but are difficult to provide hands-on experience for in a training setting. Users can choose from a repository of left atrial appendage models that represent over 90% of the US patient population.

Custom Anatomies

Fully customizable left and right atrium anatomies