SiMMo3D Pilot Program

Welcome to the SiMMo3D Pilot Program!

SiMMo3D is looking for medical professionals to help with our Pilot Program this year.

Try our Simulators first-hand and see how we can help provide better and more efficient training technology for your educational program.

As a participant in the pilot program, you will receive a SimuboardTM as well as a number of training models that can be tailored to your educational needs.

Sign up below to participate in our pilot. We will contact you as a next step to move forward with the program.

Interest in participating in the SiMMo3D Pilot Program? Click below to get started.

Why participate?

  • Expand your knowledge of medical training resources
  • Contribute and help shape new technology for the medical community
  • Be the first to experience the latest and greatest medical device training technology