Medical Device Replicas

SiMMo3D works with you to create ideal medical device replicas for use in demonstrations, displays, and sales education programs. Medical device companies have used these replicas to more easily reach a larger audience of medical professionals and improve adoption rates. Learn more about what SiMMo3D can do for your next project below.

Where SiMMo3D Can Help

When marketing your product to boost adoption, consider using our services when you:

  • Want to launch faster and more efficiently
  • Are having trouble sourcing enough demo products
  • Can’t sacrifice real surgical parts for demo parts
  • Want a cost-effective solution to showcase your product

Don’t need physical models? SiMMo3D also offers our modeling services as digital renders to help you create the most realistic digital marketing material possible.

Click Below to View Our Replicas

Cervical Interbody Fusion Cage Device Sample PEEK with Titanium Coating
Thoracic Spinal PlateDevice Screw SampleTitanium with Anodized Screws
PIP Joint replacementHand Device ReplicaSilicone
Knee ReplacementKnee Device ReplicaArtificial Joint with Poly core
Ankle Replacement Foot Device ReplicaTitanium with Poly core
Hip Replacement Hip Implant Titanium Hip Stem with Poly core Inside of human anatomy
Spine Implant Spine Implant 3D Printed implants in a clear bone model
Clavicle Plate with Screws Pedicle Screw Plate with Locking Head Screws
Clear Pedicle Screw Clavicle Screw Custom Designed Clear Screw

Device Marketing Box

Communicating with patients and surgeons can be difficult when new technology is made available. Help them make a more well-informed choice by using a custom-made device marketing case. We can help you stay within budget and industry restrictions for expenses while giving your sales teams the confidence of explaining your competitive edge with a well-made visual aid they can bring anywhere.

Our device marketing cases are light weight with EVA foam inserts made specifically to securely hold your devices and marketing material. Our cases come equipped with magnetically sealing lids to give them a professional sealed look while still making it easy to open and close quickly. Our team will work with you to make your vision a reality and to ensure that your representatives have the tools they need to make the best first impression.

Showcase Models

Tell the story of your medical device at your office or conference booth with a high quality showcase model. We can provide models of your implant in colored anatomical displays or crystal clear models. We also offer over-sized models for showing off the finer details of your device.