Engineering Design Services

Need help building your vision? Our team of engineers are experienced in working with you from start to finish to design the best possible product for your needs.

CT/MRI Data to 3D Models

With the rise of personalized medicine, being able to communicate how your device can be applied to a variety of anatomies has become a very useful storytelling tool. Using CT/MRI data we can build customized models of how your implant will function in the body. Whether in a clear bone or a multicolored anatomical model, we have the expertise to make your vision a reality at a competitive price.

CAD Modeling

By providing CAD files of the device or implant our team will work with you to create replicas that will convey the size, look, feel, and function of your product.

We offer engineering services to apply post manufacturing textures, coatings, and engravings to give your replicas a professional finished look.

Digital Renders

Augment your website or other digital media with realistic anatomical renders of your device or implant. Help your product features standout without the hassles of product photography.