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How do I order the SimuboardTM and/or organ models?

If you are looking to order the SimuboardTM, organ models, or larger quantities for full training classes, please contact us or email

How are your replicas created?

We work alongside of you every step of the way. Our process includes

  • Signing any needed NDA’s
  • Receiving CAD files such as .stp, .stl, or .obj
  • Provide you with samples to finalize the design
  • Confirm and start your order

What are your models made out of?

All of our models are manufactured in plastic to ensure lower costs. They are then put through multiple post-processing techniques to give it the finish and quality needed.

Can you put the models in clear bones or other anatomies?

We can do clear bone models as well as multicolored anatomies. Check them out in our “Replicas” Section

I have an upcoming product launch and need large quantities, do you provide price breaks?

We handle orders from just a few to 1,000’s. economies of scale are always offered to keep pricing competitive.