Medical device marketing and training is constantly evolving. Here is how we can help you keep up.


dollars spent annually on surgical training to prevent adverse effects from improper implantation of medical devices.


readmission cases are expected in 2020 because of improper device, implant or graft placement errors.


SiMMo3D is focused 100% on delivering better tools to train surgeons and increase the effectiveness of surgery and biomedical device implementation outcomes.

The trouble with today’s standards for medical device implementation

Medical device companies in the United States collectively spend $6.8 billion annually on medical device training and education to properly ensure their devices are being used safely and correctly.1 And still, many times medical device representatives wish they had more resources to showcase their cutting-edge technology. As a result, the latest advancements in medical device technology have a difficult time reaching their total target market size and having the biggest possible impact.

That is where we come in

SiMMo3D works directly with medical device companies to provide customized, detailed replicas that make it easier to communicate with surgeons about thier medical devices without the cost of pulling from the critical inventories needed by medical professionals. 

Through our combined years of experience in advanced manufacturing techniques and business experience, we founded SiMMo3D to provide tactical and accessible solutions for device marketing and surgical training environments. Our leadership team works tirelessly to create viable ways to provide advanced solutions to healthcare professionals all across the nation.

We look forward to helping accomplish this important goal by partnering with the innovative minds behind revolutionary new medical technology.

1. EvaluateMedTech World Preview 2018 Outlook to 2024, Sept 2018, 7th edition,

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